Tech Africa Water Pumps

Tech Africa Water Pumps is a top-quality water pump brand that supplies a range of petrol and diesel water pumps in Zimbabwe. With its’ wide range of durable pumps, you can rely on Tech Africa Water Pumps to have the right pump for you, whether it’s for agricultural or domestic use.

Tech Africa’s knowledgeable, friendly and devoted team is always on hand to offer guidance and advice on which pump is right for you. We understand that buying a water pump can be a costly investment. That is why all our pumps are backed by Tech Africa’s excellent after sales care that is also available with any other Tech Africa owned brand. Our service center is always available for services including general maintenance and repairs, to ensure that your petrol or diesel pump continues to run at peak performance. The table below shows a summary of the Petrol and Diesel water pumps available from Tech Africa Water Pumps, simply click on the model number to see more information about the specific product. To see what submersible water pumps we have, take a look at our Sterling Water Pumps page.

Tech Africa Diesel Water Pumps

Model Horse Power Inlet / Outlet Port DiameterRun Time / Cool TimeMax Output Max Dynamic Head/ Max Suction Head Fuel Tank Capacity / Fuel Consumption
TDP15012HP4" (100mm) / 3" (75mm)4Hrs / 2Hrs85000L/Hr50m / 8m12.5L / 1.2 - 1.5L/Hr
TDP18012HP4" (100mm) / 4" (100mm)4Hrs / 2Hrs94000L/Hr45m / 8m12.5L / 1 - 1.2L/Hr
TDP505HP2"(100mm) / 2"(100mm)4Hrs / 2Hrs36000L/Hr26m / 8m12.5L / 1 - 1.2L/Hr
TDP807HP3"(80mm) / 3"(80mm)4Hrs / 2Hrs60000L/Hr31m / 8m12.5L / 1 - 1.2L/Hr
TDP10010HP4"(100mm) / 4"(100mm)4Hrs / 2Hrs96000L/Hr31m / 8m12.5L / 1 - 1.2L/Hr

Tech Africa Petrol Water Pumps

ModelHorse Power Inlet / Outlet Port Diameter Run Time / Cool Time Max Output Max Dynamic Head / Max Suction Head Fuel Tank Capacity / Fuel Consumption
TGP505.5HP 2" (50mm) 4Hrs / 2Hrs36000 L/Hr26m / 8m2.5L / 1-1.2L/Hr
TGP805.5HP3" (80mm)4Hrs / 2Hrs60000 L/Hr31m / 8m3.6L / 1 - 1.2L/Hr

Since we began in 2002, Tech Africa Water Pumps has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy brand in Zimbabwe. Trusted by retailers such as Halsteds, Electrosales, Farm and City, N. Richards Group and many more.

All our pumps are made from high-quality components and are designed with usability and durability in mind. The result is a water pump that is reliable and long lasting, which means that you can rely on them to deliver for years to come and when you need them most.

Tech Africa Water Pumps boast a wide range of both petrol and diesel water pumps, with a variety of flow rate and pump head options to suit your needs. Tech Africa Water Pumps offer a range of features that make them stand out from other water pump brands on the market. They are easy to use and come with a user friendly instruction manual with all the information you need. They are also easy to maintain and have a simple design that makes it easy to access and replace parts if needed.

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