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Generator Installations

Welcome to the Tech Africa Installation Team where reliability meets power.

We specialize in professional generator installation services, ensuring uninterrupted energy solutions for your home or business. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-notch service.

From sizing to purchasing and installing your generator, we provide end to end solutions for all your generator needs.

Why choose tech africa for you generator installation?

Expertise you can trust: Tech Africa has been supplying and servicing generators since 2003. Our generators have earnt a name in the industry for their reliability. Our installations are no different, our professional installation team brings unrivalled expertise to every installation. 
3-month worksmanship warranty: when you choose Tech Africa to do your generator installation, our work is backed by a 3-month worksmanship warranty. During this period we will rectify any defects that may arrise with the installation free of charge. 
Seemless installation process: We understand the need for hassle free installations. Our team works efficiently and ensures that the installation causes minimum disruption, ensuring your generator is up and running in no time.
 Customization: Every generator installation is unique. From different sizes of generators to intergrating the generator to the grid and other power sources such as solar systems. We take pride in offering customized solutions, that help you get the most from your system.
Competitive pricing: We always do our best to keep the installation costs to a minimum. We do this by strategically locating the generator, ensuring the cables are the correct size and souring the required components from the best suppliers in Zimbabwe.

What happens during the install?

During the install process, we take several steps to ensure a seemless intergration of the generator into your power system. We are able to do the entire install for you, or we can perform part of the process for you depending on what you require.
Step 1: Site Assessment: In conjunction with step 2, our team will conduct a site visit to determine the most suitable location for the generator. Factors such as space, accessibility, and safety will be considered.
Step 2: Load Analysis: The size of a generator that is required for an application, is determined by the amount of power that is needed by the application (known as the load). We measure the load requirements by conducting a load analysis (also known as a power load analysis). 
The load analysis produces two key results that we then use to correctly size your generator. The first is the maximum power demand and the second is the surge power demand. The maximum power demand is the summation of the total power consumption of all the devices that need to be powered. Some devices, especially motors and compressors, require a higher initial power surge when starting known as the surge power demand. We need to account for the surge power demand ratings to ensure the generator can handle the momentary increases in demand when appliances are starting up.
Once we have the maximum power demand and surge power values, we then look at the diversity factor. The diveristy factor accounts for the likelihood that not all electrical devices will be operating at full capacity simultaneously. This helps avoid oversizing the generator. 
The last steps in the load analysis is to consider if there will be any addition equipment added to the system in the future. 
Step 3: Customised Solution: When we have all the information we require from step 2, we will then choose a generator with adequate capacity to handle both continuous and peak loads factoring in any equipment that may be added to the system in the future. 
Step 4: Installation Planning: We will then develop an installation plan, which will show you timelines for the installation, a basic overview of the methodology and safety precautions.
Step 5: Foundation and Mounting: If it is required, we will then lay a concrete foundation, known as a plinth, for the generator to be placed on. The plinth is designed to accommodate for the generators weight and to ensure stability. The generator is then securely mounted to the plinth.
Step 6: Electrical Connections: Once the generator is in place, our electricians then make the necessary electrical connections. Intergrating the generator into your existing power setup. This includes wiring in a transfer switch (enabling you to switch between mains electicity and the generator), connecting to the main electrical panel and configuring the generators contol panel to meet you specific requirements.
Step 7: Commissioning and Testing: Once the wiring of the generator is complete, we then test the installed system to ensure it functions correctly. This includes load testing, transfer switch operation, and verification of all safety features. Once the system passes these tests, we then commission the system. 
Step 8: Training and Documentation: Once the installation is complete, we provide comprehensive training on the usage and maintenance of the generator. Documentation including the user manuals and recommended maintenance schedueles will be handed over to you.
Step 9: Final Inspection and Certification:
A final inspection is carried out to verify that the installation meets all safety and regulatory standards. Once satisfied, the installation is certified, and you are ready to enjoy reliable backup power.

We ensure that throughout the process, safety is prioritised. Our team will always do their best to ensure that there is minimum disruption. Our goal is to deliver a generator installation that not only meets your power needs but also exceeds your expectation for service and support throughout the process. Leaving you with a reliable backup power supply for the years to come thats meets Tech Africas high standards.

How long does the generator installation take?

Several factors affect how long the installation will take. These include the size of the generator, the wiring requirements, whether a plinth is required or not and how easily the maximum and surge power requirements can be assessed. 
Because of the factors mentioned above it is not possible to say for sure how long the installation will take. However as a very rough ballpark figure, the installation should be completed within a day for smaller systems and within 2-3 days for larger systems.
If you are looking to hire a generator, pop over to the tech africa hire page. 

What is the cost of a generator installation?

Similarly to the length of time the installation will take, the cost of the generator installation also varies depending on the same factors. Each installation is unique, and this causes the cost of the installation to vary between different systems. After the load test is carried out, we will provide you with a formal quote for the installation which will show a detailed breakdown of what it will cost.