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Air Compressors

Buy Air Compressors at Tech Africa. Air compressors use petrol and diesel engines to convert fuel into potential energy stored as compressed air. They are ideal for several applications, including inflating car tyres, spray painting, and pressure washing. The storage tank’s size determines the volume of air that can be stored and how long the air compressor will run. The more air the job requires, the larger the storage tank you need.

Browse through our wide range of air compressors from Tech Africa’s brand, Tech Air, and other brands, such as Trade Air. Most of our compressors have wheels which makes the compressors very portable.

In addition to air compressors, Tech Africa offers a range of air compressor fittings, including air hoses, male and female couplers, and air connectors, to ensure you have all the right compressor fittings that you need.

At Tech Africa we pride ourselves on offering unrivaled after sales services on all our products. When you buy an air compressor, our service center which is based at our warehouse at 14 Dumfries Road in Workington, Harare, is always available to service your product or to help with any unexpected technical issues that arise.

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