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Grass Trimmers

Brush cutters, otherwise known as grass trimmers are versatile outdoor power tools designed to cut and clear dense vegetation, tall grass, weeds, and other tough plant growth areas where a lawnmower or other gardening tools may be ineffective. They can also be used to cut through grass, weeds, and other plants growing near walls or other objects where lawnmowers cannot reach.

You can now buy brush cutters in Zimbabwe at Tech Africa. The powerful petrol engines on our grass strimmers mean you can make light work of cutting through even the most dense vegetation. The smart design makes servicing the machine and changing the cutting cord easy and straightforward. Our brush cutters are sourced from renowned suppliers in the industry known for their high quality. They are suitable for both DIY and industrial use.

Our brush cutters all come with a standard warranty and can be serviced, maintained, and repaired at our Tech Africa Service center, giving you assurance on every purchase. They are easy to use, meaning contractors can learn how to use them by simply reading through our user manuals. If you have any questions about any of our brush cutters, or which model is best suited for you, please get in touch with us.

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