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Petrol Water Pumps

Petrol Water Pumps use a petrol engine to turn an impeller to pump water from one location to another. The required head (measured in meters) and flow rate (measured in meters cubed) will determine the size of the petrol pump required. Each of our petrol pumps has a flow chart which shows the flow rate that the pump can reach at various head heights.

If you need help to size your petrol water pump, simply get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. To correctly size your pump, we will need to know the suction and discharge head, the pump inlet and outlet size, and the flow rate required. If you are unsure about these values or how to obtain them, simply get in touch with us.

Tech Africa has a range of Petrol water pumps for sale in Zimbabwe that meet a wide range of head and flow requirements. Our range of pumps is trusted by and can be found in leading retail stores including Electrosales, Halsteds, Farm and City, NRichards, Pump House, and many more or, you can simply buy direct from us at 14 Dumfries Road, Workington, Harare. Our Petrol pump range includes a 5.5HP with a 2-inch inlet and outlet and a 6.5HP with a 3-inch inlet and outlet.

All our petrol pumps come with a warranty and can be serviced and maintained at our service center located at our premises. Our wide network of certified installers means we can help guide you through the entire process from pump selection through to installation and maintenance.

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