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AC Submersible Water Pumps

A submersible water pump is used to pump water from a borehole. They consist of an electric motor and a wet end. The electric motor turns impellers that are housed in the wet end of the pump. The impellers then drive the water up and out of the submersible pump via a pipe that is connected to the submersible pump. The slim nature of the submersible pump means they are able to be inserted into the borehole shaft.

Tech Africa offers a great range of submersible pumps for sale in Zimbabwe from our own brand called Sterling. Sterling submersible pumps are known throughout the industry for their excellent quality and affordability. The sterling submersible range is one of the largest in Zimbabwe, meaning we can offer solutions for a very wide variety of flow and head applications.

The Sterling range consists of AC, DC, and hybrid AC/DC submersible pumps, suitable for connection to mains power, solar systems, or both respectively. Our wide network of certified installers means we can guide you through the entire process from pump selection through to installation and after-sales service. Our Submersible water pumps can be purchased directly from us at Tech Africa or from our trusted retailers and contractors.

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