Sterling 1.5HP Submersible Water Pump 4SD3/18


Model: 4SD3/18
Horsepower (HP)1.5
Power (KW)1.1
Frequency (HZ)50
Voltage (V)380-415
Max fluid temp ©35
Max Sand Content (%)0.25%
Min Well Diameter (")4
Model: 4SD3/18
Flow Rate
Head (m)Q(m3/h)Q (L/Min)
Pump External CasingAISI 304 SS
Delivery Casing1 Cast-Cu ASTM C85500 2AISI304 SS
Suction Lantern2 Cast-Cu ASTM C85500 2AISI304 SS
Impeller1Plastic.POM 2Plastic.PPO
ShaftAISI 304 SS
Shaft CouplingAISI 304 SS
Wear RingAISI 304 SS
Motor External CasingAISI 304 SS
Top Chock1 Cast-Cu ASTM C85500 2AISI304 SS
Bottom SupportAISI 304 SS
Mechanical SealSpecial seal for deep well (Graphite-Ceramic)
ShaftAISI 304 SS-ASTM 5140
Seal Lubricant OilOil for machinery and pharmaceutic use


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Product Description

Introducing the Sterling 1.5HP Submersible Water Pump 4SD3/18, a powerful and efficient solution crafted to meet diverse water pumping needs. Equipped with a 1.5-horsepower motor, delivering 1.1 kilowatts of power, this submersible pump operates seamlessly at a frequency of 50Hz within a voltage range of 380-415V. Designed to excel under challenging conditions, our 1.5HP submersible water pump can handle a maximum fluid temperature of 35°C and accommodate up to 0.25% sand content. This pump achieves impressive flow rates across various heads, ranging up to 122m. With flow rates spanning from 0 to 80 litres per minute, the Sterling 1.5HP Submersible Water Pump 4SD3/18 proves to be a reliable choice for agricultural irrigation, industrial processes, or other applications with moderate flow rate requirements.  Invest in the Sterling 1.5HP Submersible Water Pump 4SD3/18 for reliable and efficient water pumping tailored to meet the demands of moderate-flow applications.
  Trust Sterling Submersible Water Pumps to deliver a consistent and dependable water supply for agricultural, industrial, or domestic use. Boasting a robust AISI 304 stainless steel construction, these pumps guarantee corrosion resistance and enduring performance. Our pumps deliver consistent and powerful water supply across various applications, featuring a specialised deep well seal, an efficient design with plastic diffusers and premium impellers, and a reliable motor.