Tork Craft Flap Disc 180mm

Grit Materials
24-40 Aluminium, soft non ferrous metals, wood and plastic
36-50 Unalloyed or low alloyed steels, and low tensile strength stainless steels
60 High-alloyed, stainless and tempering steels
80 High-alloyed steels and fine finish on all metals
120 For extra fine finish on all materials

To extend the service life on a flap disc, lower the speed to half of the MAX rpm rated on the disc. This could extend the service life almost 100%. This can be accomplished by using a variable speed angle grinder.

Description Value
Size Ø 180mm
Grit P40
Bore 22.23mm
Max RPM 8,600 rpm
Bevel 15°


Flap Disc

A flap disc is an abrasive tool made to fit onto an angle grinder to grind and finish in one operation.

SIZE: Ø180

Size: 115mm
Grits Available: P40, P60, P80, P120.

Apply light pressure when finishing welds. The flap disc is flexible and will tend to follow the contours of whatever you are grinding.