Model:4SD2-12 120v/1000w

10L/min 30L/min 50L/min
104m 54m 48m

The Sterling Solar Submersible Pumping System operates on the principle of PV(Photovoltaics) technology.

Basically, this technology converts the sunlight into electricity used for pumping waters. Sterling Submersible pumps are placed deep below the ground level down the borehole, well or sump and they are used to pumping waters from a minimum depth of 20 meters.

This modern pumping system brings with them a number of advantages. Let’s take a quick look at the amazing benefits of solar water pumps:

1. Extremely low operating costs
2. Comparatively low maintenance
3. Simple and Highly Reliable
4. Eco-Friendly
5. Economical beneficial

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Submersible Solar Pumps Features:


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